Pauline’s Kitchen

tea towelsSome days I like to close my eyes and pretend that our kitchen floors isn’t covered in a thin layer of milk and banana peel slime or that whenever I reach for a kitchen towel it isn’t filthy with remnants from breakfast and lunch. So I’ve been daydreaming about fun and more importantly clean kitchen towels I’d love to spruce our kitchen up and spoil myself a little.

1. Ish Tea Towels in lovely tones by Mae Engelgeer 
2. Whale Print Towel by Enormous Champion
3. Confetti Print Towel by Avril Loreti from Leif
4. A Walk in the Woods tea towel
5. Man and Woman tea towels on Etsy by Depepa
6. Neon Pink Robin by Oelwein on Etsy
7. Piano Nobile’s spring textile prints


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