About Soy Sugar Sherry

Soy, sugar and sherry are more than just the core components to a great Chinese marinade. They’re a way of thinking about flavor balance and how to build the confidence needed to cook by taste, sight and smell. Understanding soy sugar sherry means understanding where the basic elements to cooking begin and how to know when something is missing. From there we can tweak, sending dishes half way around the world, or finding new ways to cook with whatever’s in the fridge.

We are Mollie and Pauline, and our goal with soy sugar sherry is to help you feel more confident in the kitchen by sharing cooking tips and insights that will help you become a better chef. We love reading recipes for the inspiration they provide. We hope our recipes will become building blocks in your own unique repertoire and that you too will develop a passion for playing in the kitchen.

 About Us


Both of us spend the vast majority of every day thinking about, making and shopping for food. As new moms, we still try to find the time to still cook the meals we love and are particularly passionate about exploring quick, easy and healthful meals for our children.

Join us as we share the tips and tricks we live by in the kitchen, and some great recipes.

Why we cook



To equate cooking with love feels painfully cliché. But when I think of cooking , how I got into it and how it got into me, I think of three types of love. First I think of my parents, their parents, and generations beyond who have shown love to their children through cooking. Whether it was our Saturday evening stir-fry ritual while listening to Prairie Home Companion, or the weeknight dinners prepared regardless of stress, homework or the world around us so that an hour could be spent around the table together, growing up I was consistently shown love through cooking. As I grew older I found that preparing meals for my partner, my friends, and our families was the most pleasurable and most comforting way for me to express my love for others. And finally, recipe crafting, preparing and savoring food has become the best way I know to care for myself. It fulfills my drive to be creative, provides relief from the stress of a busy day, and delivers a sense of wholesome happiness that I am not able to find anywhere else. I cook because I love and therefore love to cook.


I was raised by a French mother who also happened to be a food critic so as long as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by and obsessed with food. But rarely was that food homemade. My mom spent most nights out at restaurants, and as a single-mom was usually too exhausted on off-nights to put together anything beyond the most basic fresh dishes to nourish her kids in the best way she knew how except for a few times a year when she’d spend the whole day cooking, falling asleep late at night in her apron. Beyond teaching myself to bake starting at 12, I managed to get through most of my young life with a deep knowledge of food and no idea how to cook. After moving to New York following college, I began to painstakingly teach myself to cook, working my way through one cookbook at a time. For me cooking was initially about learning how to take care of myself and then my friends, husband, and child. But cooking and eating remains an adventure that brings substance to our daily lives. It’s about exploring and seeking out and discovering flavors and ingredients that bring richness to life and fill our memory banks with happy moments spent shared around a table together whether we’re eating out or eating in.

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